Living to Learn, Learning to Live Together

EYFS Examples of Work

FS1 - Santa's Grotto workshop

FS1 Santa's Grotto Workshop

FS1 - Nativity small world

FS1 Nativity Small World

Christams tree Angels in FS1

Christmas Tree Angels

Christamas card display in FS1

Chrtistmas Cards

Class 2 Divali - Rangoli patterns

Class 2 Divali - Rangoli

Class 2 Fireworks display

Class 2 Fireworks Art

Fireworks display FS2 class 1

Fireworks Art FS2 Class 1

Self portraits FS2 Class 1 EOW

Self Portraits

FS2 + Y1 - Class 2's Kandinsky's squares

Class 2's Kandinsky's squares

FS1 - Remembrance display EOW


Remembrance day display in the Hall

KS2 - Class 1 Parent's Proud Clouds EOW.

Class 1 Parent's Proud Clouds

KS2 - Class 1 Yves Klein - experimenting

Class 1 Yves Klein - experimenting with shades of blue

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